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Announcing the dates for our next Business Development Workshop

9th January 2017

Happy New Year

If you haven’t yet decided on your New Year Resolution, I have written one for you! (See below).

Our next Business Development Workshop will be run in our Boardroom over the following days:

3 Full days – 10.00am to 4pm

Tuesday 21 Feb 2017

Friday 24 Feb 2017

Thursday 9 March 2017

The Workshop is open to clients and non-clients alike.

The Programme, if fully implemented, will enable you to achieve significant, controlled growth and success for your business, leading to its ultimate saleability and the realisation of your personal wealth.

If you want to have a preliminary look at the Business Development Manual, it would take me about 15 minutes to show you how it works, and you could decide for yourself if it is the sort of thing you are looking for as a business owner.

The manual contains hundreds of templates, checklists and guidance notes – so you can hit the ground running.

The smaller business – even one man band

“But David…Yes, I’m ambitious, but my business is so small at the moment. Surely much of this stuff will be irrelevant.”

One of our more experienced business owner clients attended our pilot Workshop and wrote:

“……..I have been in business for some 48 years and joined

your Pilot Program out of curiosity. If this Program had

been available at the start of my journey I feel sure I

would have avoided many of the pitfalls and a lot of the

heartache along the way.…….The Program is easy and comfortable to follow and

provides all the "Golden Rules" that we overlook

during our so called "rush to the top" . New business

ventures - "A must"…..”

The established/already successful business

“But David, I’m already doing fine. Why are you even asking me to consider this?”

  1. Test your current practices and policies against those advocated by successful business people.


  1. Review and update your strategies for Marketing, Selling, Organisation, People, Management, Systems and much more. Are they “state of the art” and “best practice”?


  1. An ideal format to agree long term strategy with your business co-owner and/or spouse. (I know that some of our client co-owners are not in agreement about long term business strategy. The Business Development Workshop is a perfect format for ironing out any differences of opinion. A boat travels one hell of a lot faster when you are all rowing in the same direction…….)


You are already successful, but could you be doing better?


Your New Year Resolution – here it is……..

“I feel responsible for the long-term success of my business and the wealth it can generate for me and my family.

I therefore resolve to spend more time working ON my business in addition to working IN it. I will put myself through a business development programme to ensure I achieve this objective.

By doing this I have everything to gain for myself and my family and nothing to lose”


Book now, as places are limited.

David Hancock
January 2017






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