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Choosing an accountant for your start-up

8th January 2019

There are myriad inter-related personal, financial, taxation, business management, legal and other issues that crop up when you are contemplating starting a new business.

It can be tempting to give up as you can all too easily go round in circles and end up exasperated, thinking "where do I start?".

Starting and running your own business is definitely a rollercoaster journey that can often be profoundly satisfying in the end – but of course there are no guarantees it will work out.

The first step that we would recommend is to make an appointment with an experienced new business accountant and chat through your initial ideas/objectives. Most professional firms offering accounting services for start-ups will give a free initial meeting of an hour or so – we certainly do – giving you an opportunity to raise any questions you may have and to discover what advice and services are available to support your new venture. The accountant will then be able to suggest the most suitable legal structure, accounting systems, timetable, etc., as well as helping you with your Business Plan.

For a practicing accountant, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a client create a new business from scratch and then witnessing years later how that business has provided resources for the client and their family that would never have been possible if the client had not 'taken the plunge'.

I can think of a couple of our multi-million turnover business clients who I worked with literally on their kitchen tables 30 years or so ago, drawing up business start-up financial projections for the bank.

Every thriving enterprise had to start as a small business – and expert financial advice can make a huge difference to your success. Please give me, or my partner Lucy Parry, a call on 01489 885772 to arrange a free meeting to discuss your business start-up.

David Hancock
8 January 2019



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