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Tax Return Costs: how much do accountants charge?

7th December 2018

Most accountants have now moved away from the 'hourly rate' model and, instead, provide a fixed-fee quote for the required services; be it preparation of a Tax Return, preparing Accounts, carrying out an Audit, or whatever.
Some assignments, by their nature, are open-ended and need to be carried out on the basis of an agreed hourly rate. For example, dealing with an HMRC Tax Enquiry (although if you have taken up our Fee Protection Scheme, our fees for this will be covered).
In order to provide a fixed-fee quote, we need to understand your personal and business details, goals and upcoming plans. How can we help? The answer will be different in each case.
Our fees for supporting two businesses with much the same turnover in similar industries could be massively different, whilst being exactly what the client requires in each case. It all depends on the accounting records and the proprietor's involvement in the systems, procedures and future strategy.
I realise the first thing you want to know when you search on "accountants near me" is how much will it cost or what is the average cost? But the reality is we will not be able to provide this information without meeting up and having a chat.
Once we have a full understanding of what you need, we will provide a written, fixed, all-inclusive fee quote, so you will know exactly where you stand.
We enjoy meeting local people and businesses, and make no charge for an exploratory initial meeting. We're very experienced at what we do so you'll probably find that you'll get a lot out of the meeting irrespective of the next step. If you'd like us to give you a written quote following the meeting, that will be great!
So, the answer to the question, "How much does it cost?" will always be, "It depends".
However, we guarantee that we'll give you a written fixed-fee quote if you allow us to meet, get to know you and your business – and understand your future plans.
Give me or my partner, Lucy Parry, a call now on 01489 885772.
David Hancock
7 December 2018



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