How We Help

  • What we do

    ……… is provide peace of mind for our clients. We achieve this by providing a professional, efficient and friendly service.
  • What we don't do

    We do not provide investment business services of the type normally provided by an Independent Financial Adviser ("IFA").
  • Xero Accountants Southampton & Fareham

    As a proactive firm of accountants, Parry Hancock are always looking for the latest solutions to our clients’ needs.
  • Creating the Future

  • Worried about Something

    Don't keep it bottled up. Nothing could be worse for your future prospects, or even your health, than bottling up a problem, or being in denial.
  • Monthly Fee Payments

    All our business clients have the option of using our Monthly Payment Scheme, if they so wish.
  • Free Meeting

    David or Lucy will spend as long as it takes with you in a Free Initial Meeting, in order to work out your plans and requirements.
  • Saturday Meetings - Free

    Why not come along for an initial meeting on a Saturday?
  • Peace of Mind

    We are committed to ensuring our clients are free from worry about their accounting and tax problems.
  • Mission Statement

    Read our aim is to provide outstanding service and value for money for our clients, thereby giving our clients Peace of Mind.
  • Tax Investigation Fee Protection

    Did you know that tax inspectors can ask to see your current records even before you submit a tax return?


Meet the experts

At Parry Hancock we take a personal approach to our clients wants and needs.

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