Independent audit service

We have been a Registered Auditor for decades. Our experience enables us to provide useful feedback and recommendations on the improvements you should make to your control systems, while adopting a commercially aware approach.

We will obtain a thorough understanding of your business when planning our audit work. This enables us to take a sensible and pragmatic approach when dealing with any problems and issues that arise.

We will provide you with a written fee quote, and our existing audit clients can provide references.

Independent audit service

Developments in auditing standards have placed increasing emphasis on the independence of the auditor. These rules place limitations on the non-audit work which an auditor is allowed to carry out for its audit client.

This creates a problem for the larger growing company having a long-standing, trusting and close relationship with its accountants. The company may want the accountants to continue to handle say management accounts assistance, corporation tax returns and representing the company in HMRC enquiries and other issues where the close long-standing relationship is so important. However, if the accountants are also acting as the company’s auditor they may have to inform the company that they cannot (ie not allowed to under the regulations) continue to provide these other services.

If you find you are having this sort of conversation with your accountants/auditors then please contact us as we may be able to help with our audit only service.


Audit only service

We will be delighted to provide an “audit only service”.

By this, we mean that we will act as auditors to your company – AND NOTHING ELSE.

This means you can continue the long-standing relationship with your trusted accountants who can continue to handle all the work you rely on them for.

We will limit our service to the conduct of the audit of your company’s accounts in accordance with auditing standards.

    We will enter into a “no poaching” agreement with you and your accountants – to the effect that we will not under any circumstances carry out any work for your company other than the annual audit.

    If you would like an initial informal and confidential discussion about this with David Hancock, please contact us.

    Our experienced team of accountants also act as auditors for charities and non-profits.

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