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By offering you guidance using a range of techniques and ideas, our ‘creating the future’ service provides specialist business planning for start-ups, as well as development strategies for businesses already established.

There’s a nagging voice inside every business owner’s head, saying “Well, things are OK I suppose. Profits are OK. Sales are OK. Life is… OK. My business is OK. But, if I’m honest, it’s not really good enough; it’s not really getting me anywhere and I don’t want to be like this in 10 years’ time… if only I could grow the business… maybe it’s just not possible.”

“To live through an impossible situation, you don’t need the reflexes of a Grand Prix driver, the muscles of a Hercules, the mind of an Einstein. You simply need to know what to do.” Anthony Greenbank from The Book of Survival.

To help you ‘create the future’, we have 2 programmes for you:

Preparation of your business plan: a traditional approach, easily within your comfort zone, but not involving much real change in your business;

A business development programme: offering a more progressive exercise designed to help you introduce new ideas into your business and to help you create a business that will ultimately run perfectly without your involvement.

1. Traditional

A fully worked business plan, based on a series of “sleeves rolled-up” meetings with you. Assessing and quantifying the viability and potential of your business.

This exercise will be based on your thoughts on the future of your business rather than developing new ideas.

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2. Progressive

A business development programme. definition = “a step-by-step method based on experience, systematically applied. It is a predictable way to produce results.”

Working with you over a period of months to help you produce an action plan designed to take your business to the next level and achieve real growth in profits and long-term business value.

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Workshops – An alternative to one-to-one consulting

You might like to consider joining one of our business development workshops. While you won’t receive the same level of attention in a group, we will nonetheless cover the same ground as the full programs.

Each informal and collaborative workshop is limited to 5 business-owners in non-competing industries. It can sometimes be easier to generate new ideas in a group setting, so this alternative is well-worth considering if your budget is limited.

The workshops consist of a series of 2-hour working sessions over a period of weeks – held at a time that suits you.

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David’s message

“Over recent decades I have observed and collated the ideas and techniques that consistently seem to exist in a successful business.

Finally I decided to bring these ideas and techniques together in my own “creating the future” business development and sales growth programmes.

These programmes are based on a combination of my decades of experience and observation of what actually works, plus the best and most practical advice I have collated over the years from my study of successful business-people and plus the works of people such as:

  • Jay Abraham
  • Michael Gerber
  • Julian Richer
  • Earl Nightingale
  • Mark McCormack
  • David Schwartz
  • And others

All of this advice is publicly available. There are no business development or marketing “secrets” – just things that work and things that don’t work.

I have systematically organised and collated the things that work so that I can lead you through them simply and efficiently.

I look forward to helping your business grow.”

Speak to David

David Hancock is an experienced Chartered Accountant and business adviser. Having observed the steps that work, David has compiled a business development manual with practical action plans, which you can use to help grow your business and be successful.

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