Business development programme

A Business Development Programme. Definition = “a step-by-step method based on experience, systematically applied. It is a predicable way to produce results.”

Working with you over a period of weeks to help you produce an action plan designed to take your business to the next level and achieve real growth in profits and long-term business value.

You can access this service in 4 ways:

1. One to One Training. A traditional Consulting approach. Individual working sessions to suit your diary – held at your premises or in our office, whichever you prefer. Personal attention to your specific needs.

2. Workshops. Small groups of non-competing business-people in each Workshop. Less personal attention, but improved discussion and ideas-generation from the Group environment

3. Long term support. The duration is up to you – usually one or two years. We split the Business Development programme into smaller sections and work through these as part of our regular meetings with you – maybe quarterly or bi-monthly, We include regular, structured meetings with many of our business clients already, and this would simply be an extension to our existing arrangements.

4. E-mail only. For those of you who are committed to the growth or your business but don’t want to commit time to Meetings or Workshops of any kind, this E-mail only service has been designed for you. The full Programme has been split into 52 bite-sized portions, delivered once a week into your inbox. It will then be up to you to “self-motivate” and complete the reading, exercises and self-questioning each week. Launch date: 1 Jan 2016.

Important note 1: We will not be telling you how to run your business. You know its intricacies far better than we ever will. Our Business Development Programme is a step by step process designed to help you convert your existing business into a perfectly organised self-sustaining, fully working model which can then be grown, at your discretion, by replication of the model.Your Business Development Programme will take the form of a series of Strategies which we will work through together in a logical order (see outline below)

Important note 2: This programme is unashamedly influenced by Michael Gerber’s book The E-Myth Revisited, although many other sources collated by David Hancock have been included. You could buy this book and work the whole thing out yourself… David says: “Over the years I must have recommended The E-Myth Revisited to hundreds of clients and contacts. Although many have read it I do not know of a single example of a business-owner putting the principles into action. Basically we are all too busy, busy, busy…. Doing it, doing it, doing it…Working IN the business, with no time to work ON the business. No time, even where there is a strong desire to do something… No time. Our Business Development Program is designed to help you step back, draw your breath and calmly, systematically work through the necessary steps. To step back from your business and help you see the wood for the trees.”

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“So what exactly will this programme give me?”

Our Business Development Programme will help you:

  • Develop a clear description of the business you intend to create, linking this with your own personal objectives.
  • Understand how to analyse your business and the role you will play in its development.
  • Create an organisational structure that will allow your business to flourish
  • Select the marketing strategies that will suit your particular business

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  • Put a management system in place that will ensure your business is managed in a way that will make your customers and staff feel special at all times.
  • Learn how to get the most from your Team.
  • Identify the systems you will have to design and write in order to ensure that your business will work perfectly without you.
  • Adopt sound financial controls and measurement systems so that you will always have the right information available whenever you need it.
  • Create an Action Plan for all the above.

The Programme will also give you:

  • All the information you will need to grow your business successfully.
  • The information delivered in a relaxed and enjoyable format.
  • A saving of many hours of your time as you won’t have to search for and distil the information yourself.
  • Over 100 pages of notes, with spaces to create your own tailored Action Plan.
  • A potential future earnings stream available exclusively to the people who have been through the Business Development Program.
  • Exclusive access to an online discussion Forum for those who have completed the Program. This is where I will post Business Development updates. You will be able to share challenges, the ups, the downs and the excitements of growing your business with other ambitions business-owners. If you have attended a Workshop you will be able to maintain professional contact in the Forum with the people you met.

This programme is intensely practical. The process will involve a lot of your time, thought and input as, in the end, it is your future and your business we will be shaping together.

“When you hear something, you will forget it.
When you see something, you will remember it.
But not until you do something, will you understand it.”

Chinese Proverb

Your feedback

The people attending the Pilot Business Development Programme we ran 5-7 May 2015 have made the following comments – which they also gave us permission to make public:

“I have been in business for some 48 years and joined your Pilot Program out of curiosity. If this Program had been available at the start of my journey I feel sure I would have avoided many of the pitfalls and a lot of the heartache along the way.

The Program is easy and comfortable to follow and provides all the “Golden Rules” that we overlook during our so called “rush to the top”. 

New business ventures – “A must” , established businesses -” A Definite Must”. Overall a “Why didn’t I do that or why haven’t I done that” experience. A sound investment for your future.”

“We attended the program hoping to improve our business and gain a better understanding on how to achieve this.  We gained a lot of much needed information and through discussion and prompting from worksheets, found areas we needed to focus on as well as that is working well for us.  We would highly recommended this workshop for anybody wanting to focus on business development and growth and wouldn’t hesitate on participating in future programs.”

“You have put a great deal of thought and work into preparing this program and I hope it is a great success. I am sure that many new and relatively new businesses would benefit from participation in your program which I would not hesitate to recommend.”

“New in business 6 years ago I had made some fundamental mistakes that nearly cost my business. Being in business can be a lonely place if you have no mentor or guidance or people to bounce ideas and/or situations off. I was continually searching for business people to ask advice for help in business planning and accounting. My old accountant had no interest in my business or the problems I was facing and just did the minimum with no advice (this reflected in his fees).

This program (if followed correctly) would give insight and direction at any stage of the business, but most especially at the start.

6 years on I am much more experienced and think carefully now when making decisions, but still benefit from ongoing training and business development courses. Once the new programs and workshops are available I shall be keen to be first in the queue.”

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