Payroll services

We provide a payroll bureau service alongside other accountancy and tax services, where it is required. This ensures you have a one-stop shop for all your accountancy and tax needs.

We operate both weekly and monthly payrolls on behalf of clients and typically do this using our in-house software. However, we can also accommodate running payrolls on Xero Payroll if this is your preferred route.

We operate a secure portal service with our in-house software, which ensures compliance with data security requirements. This is very important when payroll data is being handled. We will issue your payroll to you for review via the Portal and all employees are issued with their payslips and P60s via this Portal. This ensures the safe delivery of payslips to the recipient and provides a location for them to retrieve their payslips should they need it, e.g. for a mortgage application.

We can provide a full auto-enrolment administration service if required and with all new payrolls, we provide guidance as to what steps the employer needs to take for auto-enrolment (also known as workplace pensions). We are not financial advisers so we cannot recommend which Employer pension scheme you operate; however, we are happy to assist with the submission of workplace pension data to whichever pension scheme you choose.

Where necessary, we also deal with P11Ds and the processing of benefits in kind.

Our payroll team are on hand to advise how best to deal with a payroll matter or query and they attend regular training sessions to ensure their technical knowledge is up to date. 

We are not HR advisors but all our clients are offered our Croner Taxwise Business Protection Service, which includes an Employment Law support helpline (there is no limit to the number of times you call in the year).

If you’d like to discuss your payroll or auto-enrolment duties further then please get in touch.

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