Probate Fees

Our Fees

After a free initial consultation, we will be able to provide a fee quote for services. Dependant on the nature of the estate we may be able to offer a fixed-fee quote and we provide a guide to what this might be below.

The value of the Estate is not a deciding factor in our fees. Our experience has in fact shown us that certain higher value Estates can sometimes be just as straightforward as lower value Estate – not always but sometimes. It’s the nature of the assets and often how organised the deceased’s or Executors’ paperwork is that dictates how much time is required and therefore what our fee will be.

Where it is not possible to ascertain exactly what’s required at the outset, or where it’s not clear how much support you may require from us, we will provide services on an hourly rates basis:

 Hourly Rates

£ Per Hour

 Partner – David Hancock or Lucy Parry £135


Fixed Fee Packages

These are available where there is a good level of certainty at the outset of what the Estate includes and where we are able to get a good grasp from the Executor as to what role they want us to undertake. All Estates incur certain disbursements and certain services are ‘optional’. We give a guide to prices on these additional costs below.

 Scope of Services Package 1
Package 2
Package 3
Package 4
 Guidance to executors on what is required of them and next steps
 Notify asset holders / creditors
 Advice on searching for lost assets
 Place statutory notices in local newspaper/London Gazette
 Obtain values of estate, assets and liabilities
 Prepare IHT forms and calculate IHT due
 Apply to Probate Registry for Grant of Probate/Representation
 Correspond with beneficiaries incl notifying legatees
 Operate client account – includes collecting assets, paying debts and paying legacies
 Finalise estate tax and liaise with HMRC
 Prepare Estate accounts

All prices above exclude VAT and Disbursements


Additional Costs Menu

 Service Price Excl VAT
 Bankruptcy search – per person (UK residents only) £25
 Statutory advertisement (excl disbursements – see below) £300
 House visit of up to 2 hours (excl travel costs) £225

Price (no VAT)

 Probate application fee £273
 Official copy of grant probate £1.50 per copy
 s27 statutory notice London Gazette fee – online only approx £175
 s27 statutory notice London Gazette fee – hard copy approx £200
 Local paper notice Variable

Mileage for house visits charged at 45p per mile.
We will always send original paperwork to Probate Registry using recorded ‘signed for’ delivery. We will not charge extra for this.
If you require other documents to be sent during the process using recorded/tracked delivery we will recharge at cost.

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