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As a proactive firm of accountants, Parry Hancock are always looking for the latest solutions to our clients’ needs.  We are also looking for ways to work smarter so we can give you more value for your money.  Xero Accounting Software, together with its add-on Partners, achieves this and provides business owners with the right set of tools to manage their financial information.

The use of Xero allows us to support and work more closely with our clients as their businesses grow.

As well as achieving Gold Partner Status with Xero, we are also a Hubdoc-Certified Xero Partner.  We are committed to helping our clients make their lives easier and Hubdoc is a great tool for streamlining the bookkeeping process in businesses with a higher volume of transactions.


Our focus is on ensuring that your Xero is set up most efficiently for your business, be that a sole contractor company maintaining the books once a month or a £2m+ turnover business.  This is why we provide a tailored set-up and training service to suit you and your business’ needs.  If you’d like a more detailed discussion about how Xero and Hubdoc can be used to improve your bookkeeping, or you’d like a personalised demo, please get in touch.

You’ll find further insight into Xero and how it can help you below.

What is Xero Accounting Software?

Xero is cloud based. No installation is required and no space is taken up on your PC.  You can access the software from anywhere in the world, anytime.

We can work on Xero at the same time as you. You deal with the routine data entry and we look after journals, management reporting and the trickier bits.

Read on to discover just some of the advantages of Xero and how its features can benefit you and your business.


What can Xero do?

You can customise sales invoices and statements. It is easy to email your invoices to customers.  If you want to encourage your customers to pay you more quickly then get set up with a payment provider through Xero Add-on Partners, such as Paypal or GoGardless, and enable your customers to pay you with the click of a button as soon as they receive your invoice in their inbox.

Use the phone app – Xero Touch – to enter data on the move. For example, you can take a photo of an expense voucher and enter the details into Xero, send an invoice or look up who owes you money.

Ideal for the growing business. There are versions for small, medium and large businesses, including a multi-currency version. No upfront costs and simple monthly pricing plans.

Provide quotes to your customers directly from Xero and convert these to invoices when the job is done. Track your stock using the inbuilt inventory control, or if you have more complex stock management requirements then use an Add-on Partner.

Fully tailorable business dashboard provides the business owner with quick access to the parts of the software they need and use most.

By using software provided by Add-on Partners, you can tailor Xero to suit your business, e.g. add project management software, timesheets, point of sale, or appointment scheduling software that integrates with Xero.

Live bank feeds save time by importing your bank statements directly into Xero.  Dealing with the necessary evil of reconciling your bank account becomes almost a pleasure with the use of bank rules and the Xero ‘brain’ that does the hard work for you.

Xero’s “tracking” facility enables you to monitor the financial results of the separate parts of your business, such as departments or outlets.

You can attach or directly email files to Xero and store them in Xero helping you to achieve a paperless approach to running your business and reduce your data backup costs. Xero lets you attach multiple documents to almost anything in Xero and have them right at your fingertips, exactly where you expect to find them.

    Xero features and benefits

    Time savings: You will spend significantly less time doing your bookkeeping because Xero does all the hard work for you.  For example, automatic bank feeds and automatic recognition of repeating transactions saves you data entry time, whilst sales invoicing with email templates helps you send out your invoices faster. 

    Financial control: You will have more financial control and management information at your fingertips to help you run and grow your business, including:

    • An interactive list of the customers who owe you money, helping you to collect cash faster;
    • A fully tailorable business performance dashboard, enabling you to focus on the figures that matter to you most;
    • The ability to see your VAT bill building up so you can set aside the right amount of cash;
    • We can work collaboratively with you much more easily and speak to you on the phone with the most up-to-date financial information in front of us;
    • Using reports, you will be able to see where money has come from and where it has gone.  You will also be able to see how much profit you have made;
    • We can produce tax forecasts for you so you will know which tax bills you have coming up.  This also helps us spot tax-saving opportunities earlier on, meaning we can save you even more money.


    Freedom to work from anywhere, anytime: As a cloud-based solution, as long as you have a good-quality internet connection, you can access your books from anywhere – work, home, waiting in the dentist’s reception… or even on holiday (if you really want to).  There’s no software to install on your PC or tablet and the Xero smartphone app enables you to quickly access key information and photograph receipts on the fly.  What’s more, there are file sharing capabilities included within Xero so a lot of your digital records can be accessible alongside your financial information.

    Protection from tax investigations: HMRC can start investigations or compliance checks for any reason and one of the first questions they will ask you will always be: “How do you maintain your records?”.  Your only defence is good-quality bookkeeping.  Therefore, if you choose Xero, you can be rest assured that the checks and balances are built in to ensure your records are robust.

    How We Help

    We set everything up for you, tailored to your business: One of the hardest things to do with software is setting it up; that’s why we do this for you.  It doesn’t matter whether or not you are VAT-registered, we will set it up exactly how you want it and in the most user-friendly way for your business.

    If you’re converting from another system, be it Sage, spreadsheets or something else, then we can assist with the conversion and help as much or as little as required.

    Apply today for a personalised free, no-obligation 30-day trial

    Data security: Xero is a global corporation and has, to date, invested more than $250m into building cloud-based accounting software that is both resilient and robust.  Xero is committed to providing software for the small to medium-sized business and ensures that data management is offered at affordable prices but without any detriment to the quality and security for that business.

    Videos and ‘ask my adviser’ make it easy to use: Xero software has videos and help screens for all pages, showing you what to do at each step.  On virtually every screen is an ‘ask my adviser’ button so you can easily get in touch to ask for our help on anything at all to do with your bookkeeping and financial data.

    Training tailored to your needs: Many of the quick-start videos within Xero will be enough for most small start-up businesses to get up and running.  We offer tailored training sessions for you and your staff or bookkeeper, which are designed to make sure you get the most out of Xero from the beginning.  These sessions will vary in length depending on your needs.

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