Saturday Meetings - Free

Why not come along for an initial meeting on a Saturday? 

I know it can be difficult to find time during the week. That is why I am happy to make myself available to meet potential new clients on a Saturday. 

Please click here to arrange an appointment. 

The rules: 

      1. It is the weekend! So the atmosphere is relaxed and informal. 
      2. Dress casually. You might even find me in jeans and a tee-shirt. 
      3. Be punctual. I may have other appointments on the day. If you are late, our meeting may have to be cut short. 
      4. Prepare a written Agenda. In order to get the most out of your visit, write down all your questions, queries and concerns. List the ambitions you have for your business. (And if you wanted to fax or email your agenda to me in advance of the meeting that would be great) 
      5. Check the directions before Saturday. Don't leave this to the last minute. If you phone on the Saturday you may not get a response as I may be engaged with a visitor and I cannot guarantee there will be another member of staff in the office. See the Map and Directions in the Contact Us section. 
      6. Bring your "Other Half" to the meeting (optional). Choice of Accountant is an important decision. Hopefully we will work together for many years. It might be sensible to use this opportunity to meet your "other half" - if you have a business we may well want to talk about future plans that could be relevant to your family. 
      7. Bring the right people (this is important). If the business is owned by 3 people, then all 3 should come along to the meeting. (The meeting table in my office seats 6 people comfortably) 
      8. Look forward to it! Treat this as a positive step. You are planning ahead, and want to work with an Accountant who will share the journey and make a contribution. 

The meeting will be free. I look forward to hearing from you. See our contact details


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