Is it worth it?

Well if you’re reading this, then it obviously is worth writing something because, for whatever reason, you’ve clicked on our blog. Hi!

Despite best intentions, this blog is sporadic. We’re repeatedly reminded to blog more, but it always ends up at the bottom of my to-do list. Not because I don’t believe it’s important, but because I go into panic mode when it comes to thinking of something interesting to write. Due to my fear of sounding boring and publishing that fact on the world wide web for all to see, I’d rather be tending to a client’s needs or dealing with other practice stuff than staring at a blank Word document wondering what to post.


Blogging is valuable, I know…

I understand how blogs can be good for us as a practice: not only do they give anyone browsing our site an understanding of us as a firm of accountants serving clients in Southampton and Fareham, but they also provide an insight into us as people. Both of these are important. We like to win new work and our clients like to know what we’re really like behind the scenes.

But no matter how many times we discuss the importance of blogging in the office, I can’t get into the habit of doing it. Sometimes an idea or a few sentences will pop into my head whilst I’m driving somewhere or getting the kids’ dinner, but then by the time I come to put pen to paper, it just sounds pointless. Like with anything though, I must remember to take courage in my conviction – the more I do something, the more natural it will become.

If I think about the type of thing my kids sit and watch for hours on TikTok or YouTube, I can take some comfort that it doesn’t actually have to be perfect in order to get noticed. I realise, if it’s published, they’ll watch it. I told them the other day they’d watch paint dry if it was on a screen in front of them and – guess what?! I then found a 14-hour video on YouTube of paint drying… said to the kids “hey watch this” and for over a minute, they sat watching until they realised nothing was actually going to happen.


Sksksk… and I oop!

No, I haven’t just leant on the keyboard and not realised… that phrase is the thing my kids are now saying because it’s the latest craze on a TikTok video. What does it mean? I don’t know and I don’t think they do either, but that doesn’t seem to matter. Others are doing it and – let’s face it – most of us are sheep, so we follow (especially at the age of 11).

I don’t think we’ll be setting any trends with this blog, but we will at least feel we’re putting ourselves out there and mentioning a few things that we do or we believe in as a practice. Whilst it’s not going to set the world on fire, it’s good to share (but not too much!)…


Reality check

Maybe I should just face facts – I’m an accountant and therefore no matter how hard I try to convince myself that I’m not boring… I am!  But nonetheless, I’ll continue to persevere with blogging, albeit a bit sporadically, because something insightful is bound to pop into my head one day and the more I blog, the more interesting it or I may become!

Lucy Parry | Partner