After a few topsy-turvy months, I’m pleased to feel like our office is starting to return to some form of normality – whatever that is now allowed to be.

Since the start of June, we’ve been able to welcome more staff back into the office. We’ve made a few tweaks to how we move around the workplace and with a couple of screens – and a lot more handwashing(!) – we are continuing to serve our clients without any interruption or major changes to the way they normally interact with us.

For a while we will likely have a lot less face-to-face meetings, but with a large meeting room here at Webb House and scope for video calls alongside emails, cloud-based software, electronic document approvals and, of course, good old-fashioned telephone calls, we’re here to serve our clients with the level of service they have come to expect over the years.

Our clients operate in a variety of sectors and there remain challenges for many as lockdown eases. As different parts of the economy come back to life, some of our clients are experiencing a surge in demand, whereas others remain unable to operate.

We are supporting them all in many different ways, including acting as a sounding board and also providing more practical, hands-on assistance with accessing government support or cash-flow modelling.

With many uncertainties remaining over the next few months, we intend to be a steady ship for our existing client base and any new clients that might need our support.

Lucy Parry