We’ve become aware today of a very authentic looking spam email purporting to be from Xero but in fact, coming from the domain name ‘xeronet.org’.  If you receive this, please delete and do not click on any links.

We have spoken to Xero and they have confirmed that this is, unfortunately, a widespread campaign and these emails are being sent to Xero customers and non-customers alike, hence us contacting all clients.

The scammers have got hold of a list of emails from the internet and are targeting all of them. We have been advised that there has been no compromise of any Xero customer information, and the scammers have no way of telling who might be a Xero customer or not.

We don’t always email whenever a new spam email comes about but in this case, due to the authentic look of the email as well as the fact that a number of our clients expect to see Xero invoices, we want to ensure all clients are aware that invoices for any Xero subscriptions to our clients will only ever come from Parry Hancock, usually in the name of Lucy Parry with the email domain ‘post.xero.com’.

As always, please be sceptical of any emails you receive from anyone asking you to click links to invoices or a click to update your payment details.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call the office.

David and Lucy