Net to Gross Pay Calculator


Estimate your take-home earnings

Use our net pay calculator to work out your monthly take-home pay as a contractor or permanent employee. Enter your annual, monthly or weekly income to work out your estimated gross to net earnings after tax and pension contributions, and more easily decide which working arrangement might be better for you and your family.


How is tax calculated in the UK?

Ever wondered if you’re paying too much tax from your salary? Or would you like to know how much to set aside for your next income tax bill? Our salary calculator can help you.

For individuals in full-time employment, income tax, national insurance contributions, and any other personal tax deductions are usually processed through pay as you earn (PAYE) whenever your employer runs payroll.

For the self-employed, however, having a net-pay calculator can help you save ahead of the deadline to submit your tax return by midnight on 31 January, with the first of two annual payments on account due on the very same day.

How do pension contributions work?

Employers with staff earning more than £10,000 a year, and over the age of 22, have to pay at least 3% into an employee’s workplace pension.

Employees who fit this bill, and there are more than 10 million of them, have to put a minimum of 5% of their salary into their workplace pension.

The option does not apply to self-employed workers, who can use our salary after tax calculator to work out take-home pay.

Once you have your net salary figure, you can decide how much to save into a personal pension.

Information correct as of 6 August 2019

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