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This calculator will help you get an idea of the likely stamp duty to pay on your main or a second home. Estimate the tax on a property you own or one you are planning to acquire, taking into account various factors and elements of UK tax law.


How property taxes differ within the UK

Stamp duty land tax applies on the sales of properties or land in England and Northern Ireland, and is paid at various rates depending on the purchase price.

Stamp duty land tax rates are chargeable on several slices of the purchase price, usually above a lower tax-free threshold.

The same format applies in Scotland and Wales, although both nations have devolved powers to set their own property tax rates and bands.

Land and buildings transaction tax is the relevant property tax in Scotland, while land transaction tax applies in Wales.

All property taxes in the UK apply on residential and commercial purchases or leases where interest is chargeable.

The various tax rates and bands are subject to immediate change following a fiscal statement.

With stamp duty making up a large part of our personal tax service, Parry Hancock are on the ball with all aspects of property taxation.

Stamp duty and first-time buyers in England

First-time buyers in England pay no stamp duty land tax on the purchase of a residential property worth up to £300,000.

Stamp duty land tax is paid at 5% on the purchases of residential properties worth between £300,000 and £500,000 (read more).

These stamp duty reliefs are not available to first-time buyers purchasing residential properties worth more than £500,000.

To qualify, a first-time buyer must not have owned an interest in a residential property and must intend to use the property as their main residence.

Stamp duty on second homes in England

If you want to purchase a second home in England, you have to pay an extra 3% in stamp duty land tax on top of the rates for each threshold of the property price (read more).

This surcharge can also apply when people buy a new main residence and experience a delay in selling their old main residence.

Stamp duty on second homes should be of relevance to buy-to-let landlords or people with holiday homes, who may find our stamp duty calculator useful.

Stamp duty on commercial properties

Much like buying a residential property, non-residential property purchases are subject to stamp duty land tax on prices that exceed certain thresholds.

Non-residential properties commonly include commercial properties, agricultural land, forests or land.

Commercial properties are usually shops or offices, while the stamp duty also applies where a property is mixed use, for example where a flat is connected to a shop.

Information correct as of 6 August 2019

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