Limited companies

This area contains important information for limited company directors and shareholders, including advice on buying a ''ready-made'' company, essential legal issues, tax saving and planning strategies and ideas on how to maximise the benefit of our services.

There is one main rate of corporation tax of 19%. The corporation tax rate reduces to 17% from 1 April 2020.

  • The tax system for companies

    How the tax system works for companies.
  • Forming a limited company

    Although you can set up a limited company by buying a company online or 'off the shelf', it is usually advisable to seek our professional advice. There are so many options and
  • Pros and cons of limited companies

    We are often asked, 'Should I form a limited company?' The reality is that there is no easy answer. Each situation has to be judged individually. Our guide provides an overview of
  • Buying a company 'off the shelf'

    If time is an important factor, you can consider buying a ready-made company. The procedure will depend on the company formation agents', including online agents, requirements.
  • Tax and the company car

    Details of how the tax system charges tax on a company car.
  • Company bonus or dividend?

    In many small companies, the owners are also the directors, and this gives importance to how income is extracted from the company.
  • Tax-saving strategies

    Expenditure incurred before the company year-end might reduce the current year's tax liability instead of next year's.
  • Interest and tax payments

    HMRC charge interest on underpayments of tax, and pays interest (repayment supplement) on overpayments.
  • Companies Act

    The Companies Act comprises approximately 1,300 sections.
  • Companies House - forms you need to know about

    There are over 100 company-related forms prescribed. We list below these and include a link to all the forms which can be downloaded direct from Companies House.
  • The law and directors' responsibilities

    Who is a director and what are their legal responsibilities?
  • Statutory records

    It is essential that you keep your company's statutory records up-to-date. Do not underestimate the importance of these records - they are definitive proof of the company's legal
  • The company secretary

    The position of company secretary in a private company is now optional. Thus a company can operate with a sole director.
  • Getting the company struck off

    A private company (not subject to insolvency proceedings) can apply to the Registrar of Companies to be struck off the register and dissolved.


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