Corporate & Limited Company Accountants

Larger businesses are likely to have an in-house bookkeeper or accountant – so our relationship needs to adapt from the role we play when working with the growing business.

Larger businesses are likely to have the following challenges:

Compliance with Accounting Standards, VAT regulations, PAYE regulations, Corporation Tax regulations

For most of our larger clients, we carry out quarterly reviews. This means that the client company receives our professional feedback and guidance in a timely manner during each accounting year – with the result that there are no surprises at the year-end.

Recruiting the right accounting staff

One of our partners can sit in on your interviews for key accounting staff.

Retaining key staff

We can advise on tax efficient remuneration packages, often including share option schemes. Our business development programme includes practical suggestions for creating the kind of working environment where your key staff will thrive and wish to stay.

Control of cash flow

We can help you prepare a business plan, including financial projections and budgets. A larger business should be regularly updating the Business Plan and should have rolling financial projections.

Surviving the audit process

Some of our larger clients elect to have a formal Audit of their accounts despite being below the audit threshold.

In this situation we work with the client and the registered auditor to ensure a smooth year end process. 

Dealing with HMRC

We have the experience to act for our clients when the inevitable PAYE and VAT visits come round.

So far as HMRC Enquiries are concerned we help our clients ensure their Accounts and Corporation Tax Returns are compliant with the rules (while claiming the maximum legitimate tax deductions) and are presented in a manner likely to reduce the likelihood of an HMRC Enquiry. If an Enquiry does come up we have the experience to deal with it.

We have successfully dealt with many HMRC Enquiries over the years, including one which lasted 6 years! – see the details here.

Developing your business with a view to growth and ultimate sale

Our business development program will set you on the right course, and we can hold your hand all the way.

Selling your business

As your business grows, part of our role is to help you groom it in readiness for scrutiny by potential purchasers.

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