Marine & Seafarers Tax Accountants

As marine accountants based near the Solent, we’re very aware of the shipping industry on our doorstep, the role it plays in and around Southampton, and the wider UK economy.

According to the CEBR, the maritime sector employed more than 220,000 people and turned over £47.4 billion in 2017. That revenue was 25% higher than in 2010 and is forecast to grow by an additional 15% by 2023.

Our experience as marine accountants sees us supply services ranging from providing seafarers’ tax advice to generic assistance for sailing businesses and those operating in a variety of marine support services.

Whatever business you run or marine trade you are in, we understand the tax rules and regulations, including those specific to the marine sector, and can handle all of your tax affairs.

Marine accounting

Our marine client base encompasses a lot of disciplines, from sailing schools and experiences to manufacturers of some of the best yacht sails in the world.

At Parry Hancock, all the strategic planning and tax advice, along with professional services such as personal or corporate tax returns, is handled with the minimum of fuss and optimum efficiency to provide an all-encompassing marine accounting service.

If you run your own business, either as a sole trader, partnership or an incorporated company, we can take care of any accounting, tax and payroll tasks you would like taken off your hands.

Tax Services to Seafarers

If you work at sea, you may have questions about your tax obligations in the UK. This is a complex area where professional advice on Seafarers’ Earnings Deduction is essential.

Residency tax advice

For yacht crew captains or officers who spend a lot of time overseas, you may find yourself liable to pay tax in both the UK and abroad. We can ensure you only pay what you need to and to the right authority.

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