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Business Start-Up Advice

Many accountants pay lip-service to helping start-ups, but don't really want to get involved. Why? Simple.

Because of the high percentage failure rate, start-ups can be regarded as a "waste of time" for the accountant.

We don't take this view, and are always happy to act for start-up businesses. Nothing is more satisfying from our point of view than being in at the start while you are making your first plans on the kitchen table - and watching your business grow over the following years.

We are happy to join you from the beginning on this journey. 

Start-Up Package

Why not invest in our Start-Up Package (see below) 
When you think about it, isn't it strange that most budding entrepreneurs will put up thousands of pounds of their own money, plus borrowed money, for tools, materials, premises, etc. etc. but will invest nothing in what could be the most invaluable start-up advice - i.e. advice from a professional accountant in practice.
And we are talking here about Written Advice, tailored to your exact circumstances, not just spoken words of advice that are lost and gone forever after the meeting. Written Advice that is more than the general free advice that you will find everywhere which is of limited use as it is very generalised.

Our Start-Up Package comes in at £1,295 plus VAT (and you can even pay by standing order over 12 months!) and includes:

  • Professionally prepared Financial Projections tailored to your circumstances (not the generalised figures that you get from a standardised product). Hard-nosed, independent advice on the reality of what your figures mean for the first year.
  • Help with editing your Business Plan, if you wish.
  • Setting up your bookkeeping - tailored to your specific circumstances - using Xero Accounting Software - including writing up the books with you or for you for the first couple of months if you wish - to make absolutely certain you have got the hang of it.
  • Tax planning report - personal and business planning points affecting you.
  • Registration with the authorities.
  • Company formation, if this is the best option for trading vehicle
  • A business development briefing


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